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Temporary residence permit (MVV)

People from outside the European Union who are planning to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time need a temporary residence permit. This permit, or ‘machtiging voorlopig verblijf’ (MVV), can be obtained by passing the ‘Basisexamen inburgering’. An exam that can be taken at the embassy or consulate general in the country of origin. We can help people on a tourist visa to prepare for this exam.


About the course:

Type of course: customized – private lessons

Course duration: 2 to 10 lessons

Course schedule (days): Monday to Friday

Course schedule (times): daytime

Location: Venray

Price: on request

For who?

  • You are in the Netherlands on a tourist visa
  • You originally come from a country outside the European Union
  • You are planning to move to the Netherlands
  • You need a Temporary Residence Permit (‘Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf’)
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  • Will there be other students in my class?

    No, this course is completely customized to your level so you can learn at your own pace

  • Will I have homework?

    Yes, after the first lesson you will receive quite some assignments to do in your own time. The better you prepare for each lesson, the quicker you will learn and the faster you’ll be ready for your exam.

  • Will I directly take the exam in the Netherlands?

    No, after returning in your country of origin you are well prepared to take the exam at the embassy or consulate-general up there.

  • Who will be my teacher?

    Our teachers are all devoted and motivated to help you reach your goals. After your intake interview we will select one of our experienced teachers.

  • Once I have my MVV will I still be obliged to take the official civic integration examination?

    Yes, once you are in the Netherlands with your MVV you must pass the civic integration exam within 3 years. This exam is extensive and more complicated than the exam you have already completed.

More information

We help people from outside the European Union to prepare for the ‘Basisexamen Inburgering’ in order to obtain the Temporary Residence Permit. Anyone who is in the Netherlands on a tourist visa and is planning to move here within a year, can benefit from our assistance. After a brief introduction we are able to advise you on the next steps. Usually it is necessary to follow a number (2 to 10) of classes in order to get well prepared for the examination in your country of origin. Once you have passed all three parts of the examination you are ready to request a Temporary Residence Permit (MVV).

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