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Preparation Dutch Civic Integration Exam (inburgeringsexamen)

Immigrants from outside the European Union must complete the Civic Integration Exam, State Examination NT2 Program 1 or NT2 Program 2 within 3 years. Since the year 2000 we are considered one of the top providers of integration courses in the Netherlands.


About the course:

Type of course: small classes with a maximum of 10 people

Course duration: to be determined

Start date next course: to be determined

Course schedule: daytime

Location: Venray

Price: on request

For who?

  • You are currently in the Netherlands
  • You are obliged or wish to integrate voluntarily
  • You wish to obtain a Dutch passport
  • You need to successfully complete the Civic Integration Exam
  • You want to learn to speak Dutch
Kusters-Voorbereiding Inburgeringscursus details


  • Will there be other students in my class?

    Yes, thanks to our small groups there is room for personal attention so that individual goals can be quickly achieved. You will be placed in a group with people of your own thinking- and language level.

  • Will the organization also help me outside of class?

    Yes, every student gets a personal coach appointed who is there for you during the integration process.

  • At what language level will I finish the course?

    After an intake meeting you will be assigned to a group at your own level. You can complete the course at language level A2, B1 or B2.

  • Am I assured to pass my exam?

    No, we can’t give any guarantees but our current pass rate is as high as 91%!

  • What does the Civic Integration Exam look like?

    The Civic Integration Exam consists of 6 parts: reading, listening, writing, speaking, knowledge of the Dutch Society and orientation on the Dutch labor market.

Meer informatie

Our personal approach combined with small classes of ‘fellow-immigrants’ has made the start in the Netherlands a lot easier for many of our students. Because we focus on individual goals, we often see quick results. In addition to the lessons each student will get a personal coach appointed who will assist you during the integration process. We understand that this process isn’t easy: you need to get used to your new environment, country and language. We are more than happy to help you make this adjustments a little more enjoyable.

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    The teacher was friendly and the students are nice people. I would definitely recommend Kusters!

    - Preeya, Thailand

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