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Integration courses

For years we are among the top providers of integration courses in the Netherlands. Our students are happy and we get high success rates. This is partly due to our small classes of up to 10 people. Working in small groups means lots of individual attention and fast results.


From experience we know that our students pass their integration exam in a rather short period of time. Meaning you can sooner get to work, start a study and become part of Dutch society. In addition to the classes every student gets a personal coach appointed who will help you during your first period in your new country. The personal coach will also take care of all administration necessities concerning the course. We understand that you already have enough on your mind and are therefore more than happy to help. For us that’s no more than normal!

Summarized: studying with like-minded, high success rate, a personal coach and courses in all levels.

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Literacy course

People who can not read and write in our alphabet are advised to start with a literacy course as part of the integration process.

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Preparation temporary residence permit (MVV)

People who are planning to stay in the Netherlands for a long time need a temporary residence permit, better known as a MVV (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf).


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Preperation Dutch Civic Integration Exam (inburgeringsexamen)

Immigrants from outside the European Union must complete the integration exam, the NT2 Program 1 or the NT2 Program 2 within 3 years.

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