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Learn Dutch (NT2)

Mastering the Dutch language is an important aspect to increase your chances in society and help you to fully integrate in your new country. With proper language skills you can, for example, start a study or make steps at work. Kusters scholing & training has extensive experience in providing training to learn or improve the Dutch language.


We offer Dutch language courses for beginners, intermediates and to prepare for the State Examination NT2 program 1 or 2. Because we believe that personal attention leads to better results, we only work in small groups of up to 10 people. Our experience shows that students learn faster when they are surrounded by people of their own thinking level. That’s why we pay great attention to the intake and classification of groups. Resulting into some classes only accessible for medium and highly educated. All this to encourage your personal growth and development!

Select your course below:

Beginners (A2 level)

In one morning/afternoon per week over a period of one year, you can improve your A0 language level up to A2.

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Preparation State examination NT2 Program 1 (B1 level)

For middle and highly educated: in one morning/afternoon per week over a period of 1 year you will develop language level B1 and prepare for the 4 exams of the State examination NT2 Program 1.

Preparation State examination NT2 Program 2 (B2 level)

For highly educated: in 10 sessions you will develop language level B2 and prepare yourself for the writing, reading, listening an speaking exams for Staatsexamen NT2 Programma 2.


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