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Poey, Thailand

I’m Poey from Thailand. I came to the Netherlands to live with my boyfriend. When I lived in Thailand, I worked as a nurse in the hospital and I hope I can soon start working as a nurse in the Netherlands.



I started to study Dutch at Kusters Scholing en Training in January 2011. At first I did not like it because I could not speak Dutch with other people. But I realized everyone had to learn it sometimes. It was very nice to have good teachers who encouraged me to persevere. If I did not understand my homework well, I could always ask it my teachers to help. They explained it to me until I understood. I studied almost daily for one or two hours using computer programs and books.

February 1st and 2nd 2012 I did my exam NT2 program 1. After the exam, I felt relieved. After 6 weeks I got the results. And then: hip hip hip hooray.. I succeeded! I lived in the Netherlands for a year and already got my diploma. I can now start an education and go to work. I think everyone can do what I did… as long as you stay confident, it will be fine!

After the summer I will start a new course Dutch to complete the NT2 Program 2! Obviously I’m going to do at Kusters Scholing & Training. I’m really looking forward to continue learning the Dutch language.



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