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Preeya, Thailand

I’m Preeya and come from Thailand. I’m 32 years old and I have two children. In Thailand I worked at a travel agency and an insurance company.



I came to the Netherlands because my partner is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. My first time in the Netherlands was a little tough, because I wasn’t able to understand or speak Dutch yet. I didn’t know the culture and didn’t like the weather. Now I’m in the Netherlands for over two  years and everything goes well!

I had to learn the Dutch language and ended up at Kusters Scholing & Training. I enjoyed my time at Kusters because the teachers were friendly and the students were nice. I would recommend Kusters Scholing & Training to anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language. I achieved language level A2 and would like to continue studying for NT2, because I’d like to get a good job in the future. That’s my plan. My tips for new students are to practice listening and speaking and remember to do your homework.


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